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What size Wheel Locks fit my vehicle?

Users must verify with the vehicle and wheel manufacturers the correct lug nut or lug bolt thread length and shape of seat before installing Lock Horns Wheel Locks.

Who should install Lock Horns Wheel Locks?

An automotive/mechanic professional or car dealer should provide installation assistance.

What torque should I use for installation?

Always check the torque specifications for your vehicle’s lug nuts and apply the same torque to the Lock Horns Wheel Locks.

What if Lock Horns Wheel Locks don’t sit fully on my lug stud?

If LH Lug Nut does not sit fully onto the lug stud, ask your automotive/mechanic professional or car dealer for assistance. Two potential ways to achieve proper/full seating may be to modify the lug stud or to use a spacer/adapter with the LH Lug Nut.

Will Lock Horns Wheel Locks hold up in bad weather?

Lock Horns Wheel Locks are made from high-quality materials and are expected to be durable; however, weather testing is currently ongoing, and consistent exposure to extreme conditions may pose unforeseen risks, and are not recommended.

What if my lug nut size isn't available yet?

If your size isn’t available yet, please click “Request a Size” and fill out the form so we can prioritize your car/truck size next!